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Padnoma History

In 1989, a document called "Claiming My Future" was produced by the Premier's Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities. This report ountlined the key role that individual choice had in thinking about and planning for services for persons with disabilities. This document played a major role in the creation and implementation of INDIVIDUAL FUNDING.

Individuals seeking services now have the ability to play a more active role in their future. In 1989, Ann and Bernie Bystrom embraced individual funding and purchased a house for their daughter. They wanted her to create a home, to be happy and to be a contributing member of her community. This was the beginning of Padnoma Support Services.

Padnoma is an agency that is, and always has been, driven by the persons served and their families. Residential, recreational and job development opportunities are tailored to the hopes, desires and dreams of each individual. Padnoma encourages individuals to be self-advocates, to be self-determined and to be active participants in their community.

Today, Padnoma now serves about 40 clients in 17 residential settings and employs approximately 60 staff. Padnoma clients are employed by local businesses in a variety of positions, creatively pursue entrepreneurship and serve their community through volunteerism.


Padnoma's 20 Year Commemorative Quilt 1989-2009
20 Year Quilt